TRADE AGREEMENTS ACT (TAA) Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Regulatory Compliance Certification

The center for regulatory strategies & the Regulatory Compliance BureauTrade Agreements Act Certification both complies with and exceeds the regulatory requirements needed to secure or administrate any GSA, DOD, VA, or Federal Procurement Contract.

The Trade Agreement Act of 1979 (TAA)

Is an act of Congress that governs and regulates trade agreements negotiated between the United States of America and pre-defined countries under the Trade Act of 1974. It was originally enacted on July 26,1979 and codified at U.S.C. ch 13 (19 U.S.C. §§ 2501–2581).


Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Regulatory Compliance Certification

GSA Schedule Contracts are subject to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), meaning all products/services offered on the GSA Schedule Contract must be manufactured or “substantially transformed” in a “designated country”. As governed by the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), Buy American Act and a multitude of other federal regulations.

Historically contractors have “taken the bench” when it came to federal procurement trade agreements regulatory compliance. Now more than ever remaining compliant is paramount to your businesses success while working with the federal government.

With the year over year growth in whistle-blower activities, writs of Qui Tam are becoming a common occurrence within the federal marketplace. Every day a new district circuit court is making it easier, removing statutory bars and clearing a path to provide overall health and compliance within all government contracted procurement vehicles.

In 2015 alone the Department of Justice recovered 5.67 Billion dollars worth of “damages” from contractors large and small under the False Claims Act, (FCA). Non compliance can cost you, both civil and criminal litigation are remedies for non compliance. Instead of worrying, mitigate the risk and certify your product catalog with Versiqui, Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliance Certification.

Remaining 100% compliant is beyond the ability of any one company or organization. Ensure compliance while contracting with the federal government without the administrative burden.

Removing the barriers and assisting small, medium, and large businesses remain compliant while contracting with the federal government is all we do. Our adversity to  mediocrity, and relentless stubborn drive in the pursuit of perfection set us apart from all others. When it comes to compliance we actively participate in the discussions to guide, reflect, educate and evolve procurement regulatory compliance.  It is the burden of the contractor to remain compliant, understanding that first and foremost will prepare you for a long successful contracting arrangement with the government.

Why Versiqui

We do regulatory compliance, and we do that well.  Without the noise of alternative products, all of our time is spent on ensuring that we have the highest data integrity. Our compliance managers daily report on regulatory change, updates, product tracking, and market understanding. When you work with Versiqui, you get more than a software. 

You get a complete high functioning regulatory compliance team.

The Versiqui certification process

Upload products list

Upload either your .SIP file or compile a list of products or services offered under your commercial offering. You may also upload products offered by vendors, for review. We recommend the latter, often times products are removed from your commercial offering at first glance or “Excel Sort” and removed, when in fact those products may have a ruling applied to them as an exception or substantially transformed ruling.

Once you recieve login credientials, you may login to the portal to upload and review your product offerings.

We get to work

Versiqui dedicates a compliance team to investigate, verify, certify and report on non compliant products, products that require “Substantially Transformed” Rulings, and products that have been deemed “Substantially Transformed” that you may not currently be offering to the government. (Our main goal is not to remove income potential, or reduce your product offering.) We want to find you more opportunities, while remaining compliant.

View our regulatory compliance process overview

Certification & Reporting

Your dedicated compliance officer will recap our findings. Assembling a confidential report for you to view compliance risks, violations, opportunities and understanding. You will receive a digital certificate stating that your commercial offering is TAA Compliant as well as a physical certificate, receipt, and report. Your physical certificate will arrive by mail within 7 business days of completion.  All records are maintained securely on site for 7 years.

Get started today

If you or your company find yourselves being investigated or receive “that letter” from the Department of Justice, you simply can provide them with the certificate of compliance. Providing supporting evidence that you as a contractor are doing everything that you can to remain compliant and that any inconsistencies with regulatory trade compliance could only have happened out of oversight and not with malicious intent as required for civil/criminal litigation and recovery.