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Regulatory Compliance Solutions

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What do end-to-end solutions mean for you?

Beyond service solutions, Versiqui is rolling out a suite of regulatory compliance software custom tailored to you. Including but not limited to:

Trade Regulatory requirements certification

Our dedicated team will analyze, investigate, organize and report Trade Agreements Act (TAA) violations and certify product offerings compliant. Our software provides the initial analysis, followed by comparison and evaluation of Substantially Transformed rulings. We not only wish to assist you in removing non-compliant products, our goal is to find potential product opportunities that will add to your catalog product offerings.

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Certifications for Federal Acquisition
Regulatory Compliance Risk Analysis
Customized trade regulatory compliance services and consulting
Trade compliance solutions for federal contractors, manufacturers, and procurement officers

Financial Regulatory Reform Solutions & Services

The Dodd-Frank Act implements an unprecedented rule-making process that has been ongoing for more than five years, with nearly 400 new regulatory compliance rules, needs and processes to be researched and written by multiple government regulatory and compliance oversight agencies. Including new whistleblower departments set up to process and enforce regulatory compliance in a way never seen before.

Dodd-Frank Act reporting, administrative, provisioning software
Audit, analysis, and assessment of systemic risk (Private Funds Management)

Federal Acquisition Regulations complete solutions

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. The FAR System governs the “acquisition process” by which the United States federal government purchases (acquires) goods and services.

Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) reporting and compliance services
FAR accounting, pricing, and reporting solutions

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion regulatory assets and provisions

ADA Compliance audit and consultation
Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act digital standards
Web content accessibility requirements (WCAG)
Socio-economic certifications and verification services
Veteran owned business regulatory solutions and resources

Our Process

Six simple steps that may seem like common sense. However if you have done this before, you will not be surprised to find that most firms do not follow a process. Providing you with generic “one size fits all solution“.  Not here.  We value diversity, special needs, business considerations and develop a plan to set the course for regulatory perfection.


First and foremost we listen to you. Interviewing stakeholders, project leads and executive leadership to learn more about your goals, objectives and desired results. We work together to create the most efficient and effective solutions combining our teams experience, knowledge and education with the ownership, objectives and end goals of our clients.


Our outline process combines strategic development with a structured multilevel process. We create and analyze competitive sets in ``like`` business sectors. We learn whats working and whats not for everyone else. Then we do something completely different. If you want the same old same, you may have to look elsewhere. We create solutions to existing problems that remain relevant into the future. To meet and exceed our clients regulatory objectives and needs.

Get to work.

This is the part where we shine. Our teams work both together and independently. Bringing together solutions that have never been seen before mixed with flawless execution of today's standards. Our build process culminates with an ``all teams on deck`` approach to smoke test, QA, and mock launch all regulatory solutions.

Execute or Certify.

Our Execution phase includes bringing our team and our clients together to ensure that all prongs of our collaborative approach are firing on all cylinders. We tune up as needed and bring in all stake holders, review compliance standards and ensure to exceed them. Contacting stakeholders, reporting to government agencies as needed and processing substantial transformation requests as needed.

Measure results.

We go out of our way to ensure that regulatory metrics and ROI are tracked at every step of the way. We then launch A/B testing to match and analyze our consumer research based on the outcomes of our testing we will make determinations and changes as needed. Its one thing to create something for you that ``works``. Its another to create a efficient, well oiled digital machine that will work for you.

Educate, Review, and Report.

We are always learning and evolving to stay a step ahead of the regulatory landscape. Reviewing our findings and reporting to our clients, stakeholders and executives gives them them more than just peace of mind and mitigated risk. Quantifiable metrics, trends and regulatory reporting to exceed your goals.

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

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